Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Basketball Season - Brody

At this point, Jr. High basketball is done, but here are a few pictures from their season.  7th and 8th grade practice together, but due to lack of numbers, 6th grade also joins them.  There were 3 8th graders and 6 7th graders this year, so Brody ended up starting 8th grade and playing a lot of 7th grade.  It was a lot of basketball for him and his friends, playing bigger and more experienced kids, and although they didn't win a lot (1 game between the 2 teams) they gained a lot of experience and learned to play together.  Now we are on to C-Team, which means even bigger kids! Yikes!

Elementary Christmas Program

It's hard to believe that we are down to just 3 in the elementary!  What happened to all my babies being in the same place at the same time??  Braxton, Bella and Beau all had their Christmas program at school and rocked it out.  They all love to sing (even though Braxton's face doesn't quite show it in this picture! :)

Trimming the tree

And just like that we are in to December! :)  We had our annual day of fun the first weekend in December.  We went to visit Santa, cut down our Christmas tree (which turned out to be a little more Charlie Brownish than it looked out in the field), decorated and just spent time together.  The kids all had a hand in cutting down the tree this year and they thought that that was tremendous fun.  Mom is just glad that no one lost a limb of their own!

Winter Band Concert

This year we had TWO boys in the winter band concert.  Beau has taken up trombone and is having a lot of fun with it.  They played quite a few short songs and he was able to have a solo part in the last song that they played.  He hadn't told us about it and wanted to surprise us with it.  That he did!  Brody is working on learning the bass guitar, so he played a song of that (along with cousin, Gavin) and then headed back to the percussion section.  I love that my boys are enjoying music so much!

Deer Hunting Success!

Brody capped off his hunting season with 2 deer...  He had another one, but it got up and ran as he and Grandpa Carl walked up to it.  He had a lot of fun and hopefully Beau gets to have success next year.  He didn't see a lot for his first time out.

Halloween Fun!

You can tell when times get busy around here...  The blog suffers greatly and I fall behind on updating! :)  So, back we go to October and Halloween fun!  The kids had fun decorating pumpkins, as usual.  Bella picked out the hugest pumpkin she could find at the pumpkin patch that we visited.  It was interesting getting it into the car, but she had a blast carving it.

Brody didn't attend the SCAB Halloween party this year as a participant, he is old enough that he got put to work helping at one of the stations.  I also didn't get my yearly Halloween pictures of the kids on Halloween this year. :( With practice for Brody and kids heading out in every different direction that was one ball that got dropped!  Next year though... :)