Monday, March 19, 2018


We took Braxton over to Pine River this weekend to qualifiers. In order to move on for wrestling at this point, you have to place at least 1st or 2nd. He wrestled hard and came home with a 1st place finish, winning his first match 8-0 and pinning his next 2 guys. Very proud of the way he wrestled today!

Sleepover Fun!

With the amount of running that we have been doing this winter, Bella had to be really patient in getting her birthday party...  especially when she wanted to have a slumber party!  Finally it happened though and although mom and dad had to recover for the weekend, everything went really well! She has a fun group of friends and for a girl party it was surprisingly drama free! :)  They even let Braxton tag along for most of the party, which was pretty dang impressive!!

Birthday Bash

It has been such a crazy couple of months!  We just got time to get the family together for the annual Bella and Parker birthday bash...  and since it was so close to Braxton's birthday, we threw him in there as well! :) We went and played games, ate lots and spent time together as a family.  Love that!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Boys Basketball Autograph Night

And a week later Beau ended his 5th grade basketball season with a half time game as well.  They got to be announced over the loudspeaker, play at halftime and get autographs from the varsity team after the game.  Bella had spent the week at a cheer camp, so she got to cheer for the game that night as well.  It was fun to see all the kids out there, having fun and doing things they love!

Poop Hill!

Finally days of fresh snow and warm temperatures!  We headed out to Poop Hill and spent a few hours sledding.  Of course, it was in the middle of the Olympics, so there was a lot of talk about bobsledding, skiing, snowboarding and much more!