Friday, July 13, 2018

Wheels and Wings

We had a weekend free (that didn't involve us heading out in the camper) so Josh decided that he wanted to check out a local event, Wheels and Wings.  We took the kids and they had a great time exploring!  There were two medical emergency helicopters and they had a lot of fun checking out the inside of those, asking lots of questions and wandering around.  There was also bounce houses and an old car show, but the helicopters definitely stole the show!

Color Run!

Brody, Beau and Bella all did Running Club this summer and ended the class with a color run.  They took advantage of all the color and doused themselves with every bit of extra color that was laying around. I think that Bella's scalp was dyed for the next week!  They had a lot of fun and I am proud of them for choosing and sticking with running club, even if they aren't big fans of running all the time! :)

Beau's Summer of Little League

Beau spent his summer playing on the 12 and under team for Little League. They had a bit of a rough season with a lot of losses (mostly 10 runned) and one tie. He got to pitch a little bit, which he loved, and played a lot of outfield.  His team won their first game when they got into tournament play and they celebrated hard!  They lost their second game by 1 run, so it was a great way to end the season...

Bella's Summer of Softball

Bella spent her softball summer on the Purple 10 and under team. She had a lot of fun and it was great to watch her play out there with her friends and teammates!