Sunday, September 24, 2017

Yellowstone Vacation - Day 4

And we finally made it to Yellowstone!  It was a long day of driving there, around the park and heading back through Cooke so Reggie could see what it looked like with no snow.  Lots of time in the car, but we also had a lot of hiking time and hanging out in the rain.  While we were exploring around Old Faithful, the storms decided to hit us as we were pretty much at the furthest point out.  Walking back in the rain and hail was not a highlight of my trip, but Brody thought it was the best part of our whole trip.  Again, everyone enjoys some part of our entire vacation! :)  Making memories!

Yellowstone Vacation - Day 3

We said goodbye to the Big Sky Campground and RV Park in Miles City, Montana and made our way over to Cody, Wyoming and the KOA there.  Our first day there was spent exploring the campground and then heading into town for the gun fight on main street and exploring more of the town.  Parker and Bella both got to be involved in the "dance" portion of the skit, much to Bella's excitement and Parker's chagrin!  They got to play on the stage afterwards and loved pretending to rob the bank...