Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bella at Camp Emmaus

Bella got her turn at Camp Emmaus for the summer this past week.  She is still at the age that she goes for 3 days and 2 nights, but believe me - she is chomping at the bit to be able to go for the whole week.  That comes next year already, which is crazy to this mama!!  She spent her nights at camp with 2 of her cousins, Zoe and Emma.  Emma was back up at check in already enjoying the games when Zoe and Bella were checking in, but here are a few pictures of her at Cabin Light!  (Braxton helped to get her all settled in - he got to go for the day on Friday, so they were both there together at the end.  He also can't wait for next year when he gets to go for the 3 day camp.)

12 and Under season comes to an end...

Brody has found his love of baseball again this summer.  He had chose not to go out for junior high baseball this year, instead checking out the track and field scene.  He still wanted to play summer ball though and while he struggled at times, he kept trying and started to hit the ball and make good plays in the field.  We talked about every position being important and he discovered that while he enjoys playing 2nd base a lot, he also enjoys playing center...  Quite the change from t-ball where none of them want to play outfield! :)  Now we'll see where this goes next spring.  He was bound and determined to do track and field again, but now he is saying that he can't wait to play baseball and join the Stingers next year...  Only time will tell! 

Beau finishes 10 and Under Little League

It has been a rough couple of years with Beau and his Little League team.  Showing improvement this year, they had 1 win and 1 tie this year, which is huge compared to no wins last year!  Every year they get better and with the amount of boys that are part of the 2 10 and under Little League teams that Sebeka had this year, it will be fun to watch as they all grow, learn and improve!

T-Ball comes to an end...

This kid showed so much improvement in his baseball skills this year!  He paid attention and was excited to be out on the field ALMOST every day.  He didn't really care for the outfield (what kid does) but he loved playing every position that he had a chance to try.  Can't wait to see what is to come with our little slugger!

Softball comes to an end...

This girl rocked her first year of softball.  It is a big switch to go from the t-ball field to the softball field and she did fabulous and had fun while she did it.  Her team went 1-1 during tournaments and was up to face the other Sebeka team for 3rd place...  Since they are all Sebeka girls, we took a tie and both teams ended the season in 3rd place! :)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

T-Ball with Braxton

While the boys were doing running club, I was also watching Braxton practice for t-ball.  Love that I can multi-task like that! :)  The joys of a small town!  His coach was helping one of the girls with her batting and when I turned around I noticed that Braxton was playing the role of the pitcher.  Pretty cute!  (and he didn't do too bad of a job either...  I only saw Jon bat the ball away from them once!)

Running Club

Brody and Beau participated in running club this year through community education.  It met 4 different times for an hour and they did different, fun running events.  They ended the club with a color run.  It was a blast for the boys and hilarious to watch them run through the colored powder.  They are definitely excited to try it again!